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1. Introduction

Are you still struggling with the head aches in learning Chinese language? Why not try this? There are thousands of people using Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary everyday as their primary tool to learn the Chinese language.

Mass readings are unavoidable no matter what language you are learning. Especially Chinese. This tool could help you in your reading.

The Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary combine the machine translation, pinyin, definition and sound all together for the whole sentence and will pop up when you select, click or cursor-over the sentence. And it's the only dictionary in the world could do this.

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2. Advance Features

a. Pinyin converter
Convert the whole article into a more readable format.

b.Top class sound from native speaker
The high quality sound is from a top class recording workshop. When you move the mouse, over the popup words, the sound will be automatically play.  =>Sample Listening   (Different from the current voice set in this website.)
c. Instant Popup Translation + Dictionary
Instant shows the definition + pinyin + translation.


d. Simplified & Traditional Chinese Support
We fully support Traditional & Simplified Chinese language.
*Support Chrome, Firefox, IE (x86), Win7, Vista, WinXp

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