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This free app combines the google translation, word by word translation and pinyin translation. Translations of every paragraph will be put together in contrast.

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(Microsoft Dot Net 2.0 or the Above Required)
Translation App Version 2.0

Translation Technical Change

Originally, this app is based on JavaScript, due to some technical reason now it has been changed to a free online desktop app.

Machine Translation

Automatically translate between Chinese and English without human translators. Machine English-Chinese translation is suitable for phrases. However, it doesn't approach the fluency of a native speaker or possess the skill of a professional translator.
(by google)

Word by Word Translation

The server will search every word of the submitted Chinese text in the dictionary and automatically list their definitions or translations to the bottom of the text. The annotations will be added automatically.

Pinyin Translation

Every word will be translated to han yu pinyin. The hanyu pinyin the same will be list to the bottom of the text.

Translation Mixed in Contrast.

The original text to be translated will be list on the left, the translated text will be list on the right. The else will be list on the bottom.

How to Use this App

Click open the app after download, paste the text to be translated into the text box, and then click translate button.


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