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Traditional - Simplified Chinese Converter

Convert between Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese.

The Use of Simplified-Traditional Chinese Converter

Enter a chinese text into the text box, choose a corresponding style of the conversion, then click convert.

What is Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese?

Simplified Chinese

The written text (of Chinese) that is used in mainland China and among Chinese people in Singapore nowadays. This written form mainly evolved and was adopted after the end of civil war and establishment of P.R.China in 1949, so you may also call it as a relatively "modern form" of Chinese text. The reason and purpose for the Chinese government to develop this simplified writing system is believed to be "simplifying the writing method, easing the effort in writing, and encouraging more people to become literate."

Traditional Chinese

The written text (of Chinese) that is used in Hong Kong and Tai-wan nowadays. As its name tells, this is a traditional version that had been written by Chinese people for thousands of years. Although people in mainland China and Singapore began to adopt the Simplified text after 1949, people in HK and Tai-wan continued to use the "old" traditional text due to the political separation. And there are some small differences between the Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong and Traditional Chinese in Tai-wan.

What is the differences between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese?

Writing Method

Theoretically and at the beginning, they had NO DIFFERENCE except for the writing method of the Chinese characters! Simplified Chinese (SC) characters have fewer strokes than Traditional Chinese (TC), that is why it's called "Simplified" and is the ONLY difference when the SC writing system was first developed.

Tiny Differences in Words

However, the rapidly changing world have brought out more and more new words (such as the "Internet", "Software") into our daily life, and naturally, these new words may have different local versions in mainland China, HK and Tai-wan. (to understand the second situation, you may associate it with the difference between the written styles of USA English and UK English).

Does the Chinese use both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese?

Of Course, the Chinese can understand both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and even write some of them but cannot make a fluent and happy reading without practice.
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