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fall; frame; grow; impose; insert; plant


Definitions / Meanings / Translations:

fall; frame; grow; impose; insert; plant

Pronunciation: (Input / Pinyin / Phoneme)

zai / zāi / zai1


Example Phrases:

zāi péi
zāi zhí
zāi zhǒng
zāi gēn tóu
pén zāi de
huā cǎo zāi péi jiā
zāi zāng
dǎo zāi de
dào zāi cōng


Example Sentences:

He transplanted the seedlings into peaty soil.

The act of cultivating.

He claimed that the stolen jewellery found in his house was a plant.

These young plants will soon be ready for bedding in borders.

Transplant the seedlings into peaty soil.

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