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The best dictionary for Chinese-English with a million vocabulary entries. Search for English words, Chinese pinyin, Chinese characters, Chinese words. For example:
Search by Stroke
Dictionary Features:
  • Automatically provide images search result if Chinese not supported in your system.
  • Support searches of English words, Chinese pinyin, input, phoneme, words and characters.
  • Support searches at both of the Chinese stroke count and Chinese stroke order.
  • Show relative words and sentences in both Chinese and English.
  • Search different styles of Chinese writing / calligraphy
  • Native speaker's sound
  • Custom Chinese flash card creator, print flash cards to paper.
  • A million vocabulary entries

Basic Search on the Chinese dictionary

It's very simple. In the above image, the search samples are English word, pinyin, pinyin without tune mark, pinyin with number tune mark and Chinese word.

Search Chinese by Stroke Order in the dictionary

In the following image, you will see there are 5 stroke types in total.

The symbol "+" means there are more after the characters. The space must be added between each of the Chinese characters.

a. Sample 45534 b. Sample 323+ 531+

How to search Chinese words & characters by Stroke Count:

When search by stroke count in the dictionary. The number means the count of the characters. The "S" should be added to the end of the line, which means stroke count. Space should be place among every characters.

a. Search Sample 1 1s b. Search Sample 1 3s

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