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bead; pearl


Definitions / Meanings / Translations:

bead; pearl

Pronunciation: (Input / Pinyin / Phoneme)

zhu / zhū / zhu1


Example Phrases:

yuán zhū bǐ
zhēn zhū
zhū zi
niàn zhū
lèi zhū
bō lí zhū
zhū bǎo shāng
zhēn zhū
bèi ké niàn zhū


Example Sentences:

The jewelry store occupied a tiny hole-in-the-wall.

As a result, nacre thickness is sometimes just a cosmetic layer that can wear thin over time.

Dewdrops shine brightly in the sunshine.

The conjunction of workmanship and artistry in making jewelry decides the value of the jewelry.

The shop sells baubles as well.

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