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cash; existing; on hand; present; show


Definitions / Meanings / Translations:

cash; existing; on hand; present; show

Pronunciation: (Input / Pinyin / Phoneme)

xian / xiàn / xian4


Example Phrases:

tǐ xiàn
duì xiàn
chū xiàn
fā xiàn
chéng xiàn
shí xiàn
zhǎn xiàn
yǒng xiàn
xiàn dài


Example Sentences:

Term of payment: ours is "cash against document or exchange at sight" .

He said he could beat any man there singled-hand-ed, but he pulled in his horns when Jack came forward.

It'll be better that way. You'll find a one- way traffic sign. That's where you have to turn to the lift.

There is very little profit in selling newspapers at present.

The largest city of South Africa, in the northeast part of the country northwest of Durban. Founded in1886 after the discovery of gold nearby, it is a major industrial center. Population, 703,980.

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