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Definitions / Meanings / Translations:

busyness; full of trivial details; redundant; superfluous

Pronunciation: (Input / Pinyin / Phoneme)

rong / rǒng / rong3


Example Phrases:

rǒng yú
rǒng yuán
rǒng zá
rǒng cháng
xìn xī rǒng yú
rǒng yú yīn jié
rǒng wù
rǒng guān
rǒng ruò


Example Sentences:

I don't like his ponderous style of writing.

His long boring story made me yawn.

A wordy phrase or sentence that has little meaning.

The company is being forced to reduce staff and I fear I'm a likely candidate (for redundancy).

We had to listen to a peroration on the evils of drink!

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