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give; grant; i


Definitions / Meanings / Translations:

give; grant; i

Pronunciation: (Input / Pinyin / Phoneme)

yu / yǔ / yu3


Example Phrases:

yǔ yǐ
shòu yǔ
gěi yǔ
fù yǔ
bù yǔ
zhǔn yǔ
jì yǔ
shēng shā yǔ duó
fù yǔ miǎn yì xìng


Example Sentences:

The company was granted a charter trade in the occupied territory.

And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.

At the ceremony he was presented with a scroll commemorating his achievement.

A job control statement used in cataloged or in-stream procedures. It can be used to assign default values for symbolic parameters contained in a procedure. For in-stream procedures, it is used to mark the beginning of the procedure.

It means to give the most-needed and timely aid.

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