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Introduction of Chinese Latern Festival

    Have you spent a wonderful Chinese New Year in China? Right following the Spring Festival, Chinese Latern Festival is coming. Do you know the origin and custom of Latern Festival? Let you tell you! Latern Festival The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival because the first lunar [...]

Introduction: Chinese Chopsticks

Introduction of Chinese Chopsticks In ancient times, chopsticks were called ‘Zhu’. At that time, our ancestors liked to steam or boil food. It was difficult for them to use spoons to dip vegetables in the soup. So they cleverly invented ‘Zhu’ to nip food, thus it has become the most convenient tableware in their lives. [...]

Chinese Food Culture

    As a country that pays great attention to courtesy, our cuisine culture is deep rooted in China’s history. As a visitor or guest in either a Chinese home or restaurant you will find that table manners are essential and the distinctive courtesies displayed will invariably add to the enjoyment of your meals and [...]

The World-Famous Wonder: The Terracotta Army

      The Terracotta Army is one of the top attractions in China, because of its historical significance and uniqueness. It is significant because the hundreds of detailed lifesize models represent the army that triumphed over all other Chinese armies and who were the decisive factor in forming a united China. The Terracotta Army [...]

Xi’an Travel Guide

      Xi’an is the first of China’s Four Great Ancient Capitals and played a very important part in Chinese history. Xi’an is characterized by and proud of its ancient heritage, and rightly so. The immaculately restored and mighty city wall still dominates the center of the city, with traffic navigating through underpasses in [...]

Yunnan Travel Guide

Overview Yunnan’s location in China Yunnan is the southernmost, centrally-situated (east to west) province of China, bordering Tibet to the northwest, Myanmar to the west, Laos to the south, Vietnam to the southeast, and Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the east. It is also the 5th largest of China’s 23 provinces (not [...]

Shanghai Travel Guide: Experience The Gorgeous Shanghai (2)

Shopping and Attractions The Yu Gardens Every tourist who comes to Shanghai needs to go here. It is the number one tourist attraction in Shanghai, even if it’s always very busy and just slightly less impressive than it could be. It is the only example of a Classic Chinese garden left in Shanghai from the [...]

Shanghai Travel Guide: Experience The Gorgeous Shanghai(1)

Shanghai is the world’s most rapidly changing city. In the last 30 years it been both capital and catalyst of China’s meteoric growth, and with its towering skyscrapers and cosmopolitan society it has become a city to rival the likes of Paris and New York. It is a statement of intent, a place that is [...]

Tips: What Do You Need to Pack Travel to China?

If you have decided to visit China this year, pack your baggage and book tickets within this week, so you are able to catch up with Chinese New Year in February 10, 2013. It is the grandest festival for Chinese every year. We are going to help you list the necessities you need to pack [...]

Beijing Travel Guide: Top 10 Beijing Street Snacks

  Beijing Quanjude roast duck is a must-be-tasted dish for tourists to Beijing, but when you are strolling the streets of Beijing consider biting into some street snacks. Especially try areas around schools and universities, where you are likely to come across some vendors or small shops selling various street snacks. Tourists might beadvised to [...]

Beijing Travel Guide: Attractions

If you only have an opportunity to go to one place in China, there is no doubt that Beijing should be your destination. The mix of historical tradition and modern convention make Beijing an amazingly alluring locale and despite the air-pollution, attractions like the Forbidden City, Beihai Park and the Great Wall are the real [...]

China Travel Guide

China is an amazing cultural treasure of the world situated in eastern Asia. Its natural wealth, five millennial of history, and an old continuous civilization, place China as a great travel destination. Numerous historical monuments scattered across the vast territory are vestiges of the ancient Chinese culture. These include: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, [...]

Why Learn Chinese? Top 10 Reasons to Learn Chinese(2/2)

6. Chinese culture is over 5000 years old. By learning the Chinese Language, Chinese you will learn another culture. Learning a language gives you a better understanding through the grammar and even how the words are derived of the culture behind them. There is a lot of Chinese Poetry that lose some meaning when translated. [...]

Why Learn Chinese? Top 10 reasons to learn Chinese (1/2)

1. China is emerging from a period of stagnation and again taking it’s place as one of the great powers of the world. China currently has the second largest economy in the world. To take advantage of this huge economic shift and opportunities,learning to speak Chinese is a great way to give your children an [...]

The Written Chinese Language

Traditional and simplified writing In mainland China a simplified writing system is used, whereas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas regions the traditional Chinese script is being used. Starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, there was a growing consensus that the writing system constituted an obstacle to the achievement of a higher [...]

Introduction to Chinese Language

Chinese comprises of seven main dialects, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, Min, Xiang, and Gan. The variety of Mandarin based on the speech in the capital Beijing is the official national language of mainland China and is termed Pŭtōnghuà, Common language. The de facto common language in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities is Cantonese. Amongst [...]

How to Make “Fish-Flavored Shredded Meat” (The most popular Chinese food recipe 5/8).

It is said that in the Beijing’s home-style dish restaurants, the most frequently ordered dish is Fish-Flavored Shredded Meat. Actually it is one of the most famous Sichuan Cuisines, however, it seems much more popular outside Sichuan province.It tastes like fish but is made with pork, so it gets the name of Fish-Flavored Shredded Meat. [...]

How to Make “Mapo Tofu” (The most popular Chinese food recipe 4/8).

In Chinese family, rice is our staple food.So, a good dish to go with rice is necessary. Mapo Tofu is definitely a good choice. What is needed Ingredient: 500 grams of soft tofu 150 grams of ground beef 15 pieces of dried chili 1/2 tablespoons of chopped ginger Seasoning: 3 tablespoons of salad oil 1 tablespoon of [...]

How to Make “Kungpao Chicken” (The most popular Chinese food recipe 3/8).

Kungpao Chicken is one of the most famous dish in Sichuan Cuisine. It is easy to make but you will never get tired of it. The fragrant and sweet taste attracts lots of fans, and also it is one of the few dishes in Sichuan Cuisine that are not spicy. What is needed Ingredient: •900 [...]

How to Make “Sweet and Sour Fillet” (The most popular Chinese food recipe 1/8).

Sweet and sour flavor mixed with bright red appearance… No doubt this dish is ranked No.1 in the most popular Chinese food recipe. OK, let’s see how we make it at home. What is Needed Ingredient: 250 grams of fillets (pork/chicken) 1 egg 1 shallot 1 small piece ginger Adequate flour Adequate starch Seasoning: 500 [...]

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