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Chinese Pinyin and Pronunciation

Learn Chinese Pinyin and Pronunciation.

Happy Chinese Pinyin (12 Lessons)

These are the 12 Happy-Chinese pinyin lessons which are very popular in China…

Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary Released!

An powerful firefox addon. An excellent Chinese popup dictionary for who are learning Chinese language.

How to Learn Chinese Pinyin Online for Free

The Chinese Pinyin is the foundation of learning Chinese language. So if we want to develop a good Chinese language skill, we must build a solid foundation – by using some effective tools, top-quality software and good lessons, not by wasting time on some rough materials…

The Tone Modification Rules of Mandarin Chinese Pinyin

Some time when we speak Mandarin Chinese, the tone of some Chinese character will be changed. It happened so naturally that most of us may not notice it. Here are some simple rules of tone changes, which we use Chinese pinyin to clarify.

How to convert Chinese Pinyin? The Chinese Pinyin Converter in our Website.

There are many people searching for a suitable pinyin converter application. They want to translate Chinese into pinyin or pinyin to Chinese. Here is our free …

The Table of All Chinese Pinyins

This pinyin table is a complete listing of all Chinese Pinyin syllables used in Standard Mandarin. Each syllable in a cell is composed of an initial (columns) and a final (rows). An empty cell indicates that the corresponding syllable does not exist in Standard Mandarin.

Tones of Chinese Pinyin

There are 5 tones and 4 tone marks in Mandarin. The 5th tone is the slight tone with an empty mark.

List of Chinese Pinyin and Pronunciation Techniques

We use Chinese Pinyin to learn Chinese as we use phonetic symbol in learning English. Each Chinese pinyin is composed of an initial and a final, which is the smallest possible elements of the phonetics. For example:

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