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Chinese Language History(2)

  Taking up the previous post: Chinese Language History(1) Middle Chinese (simplified Chinese: 中古汉语; traditional Chinese: 中古漢語; pinyin: Zhōnggǔ Hànyǔ) was the language used during the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties ([6th through 10th centuries AD). It can be divided into an early period, reflected by the 切韻 "Qieyun" rime dictionary (AD 601), and a [...]

Chinese Language History(1)

The History of The Chinese Language The history of the Chinese language refers to various changes over time, which are the subject of the historical sciences: specifically, these historical changes involve the linguistic study of the Chinese language, in its various incarnations. Many linguists classify all of the variations of Chinese as part of the [...]

Why Learn Chinese? Top 10 Reasons to Learn Chinese(2/2)

6. Chinese culture is over 5000 years old. By learning the Chinese Language, Chinese you will learn another culture. Learning a language gives you a better understanding through the grammar and even how the words are derived of the culture behind them. There is a lot of Chinese Poetry that lose some meaning when translated. [...]

The Written Chinese Language

Traditional and simplified writing In mainland China a simplified writing system is used, whereas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas regions the traditional Chinese script is being used. Starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, there was a growing consensus that the writing system constituted an obstacle to the achievement of a higher [...]

Chinese Language and Main Dialects in China

The national language The need to establish an official national language was felt as early as the 17th century when the Ch’ing dynasty established a number of “correct pronunciation institutes” to teach standard Peking pronunciation, particularly in the Cantonese and Fukienese-speaking southern provinces. The success of these schools, however, was extremely limited. The concept of [...]

Introduction to Chinese Language

Chinese comprises of seven main dialects, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, Min, Xiang, and Gan. The variety of Mandarin based on the speech in the capital Beijing is the official national language of mainland China and is termed Pŭtōnghuà, Common language. The de facto common language in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities is Cantonese. Amongst [...]

Learn Chinese In The Next Few Years Or It Will Be Too Late

How long do we have until China becomes the world’s dominant power? The China bears will tell you that the case is way overstated, and that the real danger is a Chinese economic collapse that will result in a violently aggressive foreign policy. But a recent study by the economist Angus Maddison projects that China will rise to dominance as early as 2015.

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