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Chinese Symbol for Personality

The famous Chinese psychologist Zhang Peng said in his book that there are eighteen different kinds of  environment, and each environment has four corresponding personalities. Thus, there are about seventy-two kinds of personalities.  Now, we are going to list the most common Chinese symbols to describe a person. Positive Characters Chinese symbol for optimism. Chinese symbol [...]

Chinese Symbols for Love

Love is an eternal topic in literary creation, music, movies and life. In English language, there are many formulations of love. Also, you can find corresponding symbols of different kindsof love in Chinese. Here we are going to lead you to the world of Chinese symbols for love. It’s the Chinese symbol for like. On [...]

The Most Common Chinese Symbols for Tattoo

There is a trend in fashion to have a Chinese symbol for Tattoo. However, remember to check the meaning of the symbols before you put them on your skin. Here is a list of the most common and popular Chinese symbols. The Most Common Chinese Symbols 1.Chinese symbol for love 2.Chinese symbol for Family Please [...]

Chinese Symbols for Family

A family usually consists of father, mother, sister, and brother. While, in some big Chinese families, they have four generations living under one roof. In Chinese symbol,  four generations living under one roof means “四世同堂”. Father It is almost a original pictograph. The first Chinese Symbol is like a man holding sticks in the hands. In ancient [...]

How to Write HSK Chinese Characters? 3000 Flash Chinese Writing Cartoons Released!

The first batch of these characters are about 3000 characters for HSK Test.

The Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters

If your goal is just simple conversations, you don’t need to learn Chinese characters. In contrast, if you want to reach higher level, Chinese characters are the must. Ok, If you plan to learn Chinese character, this article is for you…

The Most Commonly Used Radicals of Chinese Characters

Chinese is composed of radicals. Sometimes the radicals give hints about meaning, and sometimes they give hints about pronunciation. Some are obscure and the etymology has been lost. Chinese mostly learn them by memorization. These are a table of the most commonly used Chinese radicals, their meanings in english, their pinyin pronounciation and a list of chinese character samples with these radicals:

All Chinese Radicals that Compose Chinese Characters

This is the full list of 214 Chinese radicals that composes all Chinese characters. Click on them to get their Chinese character samples and English meanings.

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