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Tips: What Do You Need to Pack Travel to China?

January 17th, 2013 - by sheryl

If you have decided to visit China this year, pack your baggage and book tickets within this week, so you are able to catch up with Chinese New Year in February 10, 2013. It is the grandest festival for Chinese every year. We are going to help you list the necessities you need to pack when you pay a visit to China.

1.Visa/Master Card. If you do not have the Union card issued by China, bring the Visa or Master card of your country. So you can withdraw money from ATM around streets. In order to avoid the loss from exchange rate, I advise you bring the amount of money enough for the taxi fee from airport.Adapter and converter.

Standard Plug Hole in China

Standard Plug Hole in China

2.The use of voltage in China is 220V. And the standard plughole in China is listed as below. Remember to bring the adapter of voltage and converter of plughole for your electrical equipments.

3.Suitable clothes. The range of latitude in China is broad, so the climate condition is quiet different. Remember to check the weather of your destinations and bring suitable clotuhes. If you forget, do not be worried. You can buy any kind of clothes in shops.

4.Your exclusive medicines.

5.English-Chinese dictionary. Learn about some frequently-used Chinese words. In China, not everyone is able to speak English. In order to ensure communication, bring a dictionary or find a friend who could speak Chinese.


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