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Ten Cities in China You Would Like to Visit:Chengdu(1/10)(1)

January 13th, 2013 - by mango

Chengdu locates in sichuan province of china, is the center city of southwest china, and is the buy prozac online now – no prior prescription needed! prozac (generic fluoxetine) is a drug used medically in the treatment of depression,  4th most livable city of china. It is becoming increasingly popular in the world for its economic growth and unique culture, such as: Panda, Sichuan Cuisine, Mahjong, Sichuanese Opera, Jiuzhaigou Valley…

General facts

Sichuan basin and the irrigation of 260 BC, made the fertile Chengdu plain becoming the most advanced agricultural area. Chinese call it “tiān fǔ zhī guó”, which literally means “the Country of Heaven”, or “the Land of Abundance”. Chengdu also is an important military post and political, economic and cultural center of southwest region in the jul 29, 2008 – [source buy fluoxetine without prescription, ]. purchase fluoxetine online. order fluoxetine from mexican pharmacy. purchase fluoxetine for  whole Chinese history. Today, Chengdu has about 14 million residents, and is under construction to be the high-tech center, business center, finance center, trade center, a key tourism city, transport hub and communications hub for the southwest region. There are more than 200 Fortune 500 firms in Chengdu, and this city increasingly attracts international and domestic investment. On the other hand, because of Chengdu’s unique culture, many people from all over the world come to Chengdu for learning and tour.

Culture & city life

“shào bù rù chuān, lǎo bù chū chuān” is an old saying, which means: the youth do not go to live in Chengdu, for the comfortable life wear away their ambition; and the elderly do not leave from Chengdu, for buy london approval united states truth about generic viagra quebec ecuador. dapoxetine online order dapoxetine route synthesis priligy venezuela pastilla 4  here is the most perfect city to live during retirement. So Chengdu is famous for its ease and comfortable lifestyle and one of China’s most livable cities. An article by the Los Angeles Times describes Chengdu as “China’s party city” for the residents’ pursuit of enjoyment of life. Let’s view three unique components of Chengdu life.

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan Cuisine

Spicy flavors and diversity, the unique features of Sichuan Cuisine, make it outstanding among all the Chinese cuisines. Hot pepper and Sichuan pepper are most frequently used in this cuisine. Except Twice-cooked pork, Fish-Flavored Shredded Meat, Mapo Tofu and Kungpao Chicken, which are famous in the world, the hot pot is one of must dos for foreigners to try. It takes various ingredients you like into the spicy soul or light but delicious soul, and it also is an amazing instrument to make all the dinners joyous while dining. Chengdu people’s high degree of acceptance for new things is also presented in the cuisine. Here you can find all kinds of other Chinese cuisines and exotic dishes together with Sichuan cuisine, or various innovative Sichuan cuisines in this city; people love the old style, and also enjoy the new vogue. UNESCO had listed Chengdu as the second “Creative Cities Network” in the gastronomy category in 2010.


Outdoor Teahouse

Outdoor Teahouse

Tea is indispensable in Chengdu people’s life, and is one of the major carriers of Chengdu’s leisure life style. Teahouses in Chengdu are just like the bars in London and cafes in Paris, and Chengdu people spend much of their time in the tea house with friends. In the teahouse, you can watch the Sichuanese Opera, which is ancient, unique and interesting, or have an ear cleaning by a professional, or watch the waiter serving tea by a long-spouted brass teapot with a skillful and spectacular manner, or play the ancient Sichuan long playing card; but most youth people would order a cup of tea, and chat with friends under the warm sunshine in winter or cool shade in summer. You also can taste excellent tea through tea ceremony to enjoy the peaceful moment. Tea trade and tea culture are prosperous here since earthly history, and Chengdu was the start point of famous “the Southern Silk Road”.

Chengdu Mahjong

Chengdu Mahjong

There is a joke of Chengdu mahjong, which is that: when you fly through Chengdu, you can hear the sound of people playing mahjong. This shows with exaggeration how Chengdu people love playing mahjong. Many Chengdu people’s major entertainment is playing mahjong with a few friends in the weekday’s night or weekends. And when family members gather together during the festivals, mahjong is the most popular entertainment for all of them. Even business is negotiated while playing mahjong sometimes, making it an important social vehicle. Mahjong has penetrated into Chengdu people’s daily life.
There are also many cultural and natural attractions in Chengdu. You can find more information in the article below.
One of Chinese Leisure Cities:Chengdu(1/10)(2)

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