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How to Write Chinese Letter?

January 14th, 2013 - by sheryl

The ordinary Chinese letter consists of six parts, and they are name of addressee, greetings, main text, blessing language, signature and date. Now, I am going to introduce the requirement of Chinese letter in format.

(1)Name of addressee

When you write a letter in Chinese, the first thing you should do is to write the name of addressee at the leftmost of the first line,and then write a colon. This part is almost the same as English letter.


In Chinese articles, it’s required to leave two blank spaces at the beginning of each paragraph.Greetings should be written at the next line under address,and can be one passage separately.

(3)Main text

The third part is the main text.It could consist of several paragraph, and each paragraph should leave two blank spaces at the beginning.

(4)Blessing language

Blessing language is to express your regards and blesses.It could be written following after main text, or be one paragraph separately.


When you finish the main contents of your letter, you should sign your name at the bottom right-hand corner.And before your name,there is usually your title or appellation.This part is different from writing English letter.


The date of letter could be written after your name or be one paragraph separately.

Have you got it? Take your pen and have a try!



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  1. Nandani Sheoratan says:

    I want to learn and write chinese

  2. Nandani Sheoratan says:


  3. Faith Booth says:

    how do you write Geno Brittain on a chinese scroll for a kids project.

  4. KIKO says:


  5. KIKO says:

    hown to write KIKO in chinese letter,

  6. sheryl says:

    希子,it’s a nice Japanese name, and also sounds well in Chinese. Thanks for your support on our website.

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