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Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary Released!

January 27th, 2010 - by Huang Jason

The Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary is a powerful & free firefox addon designed for Chinese learning.

This Firefox Addon is an excellent double-click popup Chinese dictionary that provide you Chinese-English definitions, Chinese pinyin & Google translations. It translate the selected text word by word, convert selected Chinese characters into Chinese pinyin, and then add Chinese pinyin above these characters.

The screenshot of Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary

The screenshot of Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary

Current version: 1.2
Download the Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary Now

Future Plan:
1.Support other languages: Chinese to German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean
2.Support Chinese voice.
3.Support search history and Chinese flash card

What functions will you like? Do you have any idea to make improvement? please leave your thoughts in comment.


10 Responses to “Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary Released!”

  1. GiGi Zhong says:

    A very nice program. Simple & easy to use.

  2. he hua says:

    i really like to use this dictionary. it is very usefull

  3. Des says:

    Very clever tool…was using the 1.5 vesion and suddenly experienced a problem with the google translation of sentences into English…….delighted to see version 1.6 on Sept 2 seems to have fixed that . A useful addition would be to show the applicable classifiers (measure words)when just highlighting nouns

  4. Muhammad Tanveer says:

    Amazing browser dictionary. very easy to use and even if click on the word for the proper meaning it opens a link where you can hear how to pronounce a word…
    I have been using this tool for long time I have still not found anything wrong in it… use it if wants to improve Chinese…

  5. GuardedLegacy says:

    Is it possible to use this with Google Chrome? I absolutely love this add-on but Firefox has been giving me trouble lately.

  6. Bob says:

    I love this plugin. This along with Ad-Block Plus are the only plugins keeping me on Firefox. Please consider porting to Google Chrome.


  7. Bob says:

    Just to add: This is the only Chinese translation plugin that does whole and multiple sentence translations. All the other ones I’ve seen only translate by the word.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant program, thank you !

  9. theo says:

    hello people,can you help my a want to translate chinese book dutch aaa hope that you can help my thanks

  10. raymond says:

    i want to learn a little chinese

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