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How to Learn Chinese Pinyin Online for Free

January 12th, 2010 - by Huang Jason

The Chinese Pinyin is the foundation of learning Chinese language. So if we want to develop a good Chinese language skill, we must build a solid foundation – by using some effective tools, top-quality software and good lessons, not by wasting time on some rough materials.

Before showing these good resources, it is worth discussing some reasons and strategies to learn Chinese pinyin.

Why? Reasons to Learn Chinese Pinyin

Chinese Pinyin is the base of Chinese language. It is like the phonetic symbol in English, which help you to pronounce but is more important. Pinyin is used to enter Chinese characters into a computer. It becomes very difficult to learn Chinese without Chinese pinyin.

Tips for Learning Chinese Pinyin

1) Correct Your Pronunciations Before You Proceed

Read the Chinese Pinyin, use a recorder to record and play your sound to compare to the standard one. Try your best to simulate the pronunciations at the beginning, because Chinese pronounce quite differently.

2) Pay Attention to 4 tones in Chinese pinyin

Chinese is a tone language and English is not. You need to say the correct tone to express what you mean. So pay attention to the 4 tones in Chinese pinyin.

3) Say Pinyin Loudly & Make Fast Repeats

The secret of memory is to repeat. Say pinyin loudly and make fast repeats as many times as you can after listening.

4) Separate Pinyin into Groups

Separating pinyin into groups make the learning easier and make you not to get bored before memorize the pronunciation.

Free online resources to learn Chinese pinyin

Now we show you these free online resources to learn Chinese pinyin.

Free Software for Learning Chinese Pinyin (SuperChinese – Learn Chinese in 3 Days)

SuperChinese- This awesome Chinese learning software provide totally free Chinese Pinyin & Tone lessons in its trial version.

Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary – Firefox Addon

This Firefox Addon is an excellent double-click popup Chinese dictionary that provide you definitions & Google translations, convert selected Chinese characters into Chinese pinyin, and then add Chinese pinyin above these characters.

Online Chinese Pinyin Converter

An online Chinese pinyin converter is to convert Chinese characters into Chinese pinyin, and then add Chinese pinyin above these characters.

Free Flash Lessons of Chinese pinyin

These flash pinyin lessons are especially designed for Chinese kids, however it’s also suitable for a nonnative adult.

a) Easy Chinese Pinyin (12 Lessons)

b) Happy Chinese Pinyin Lessons (62 Lessons)

Chinese Pinyin IME/ Input Methods

Google Pinyin IME / Microsoft Pinyin IME


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