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How Many People are Using or Learning Chinese Language Today?

December 31st, 2009 - by Huang Jason

Chinese Language in Different Areas of China

Today, the most standard form of Chinese that is spoken is known as Standard Mandarin, which is based on a dialect spoken in Beijing. It is also the official language now used by the people of China, as well as those in Taiwan, and one of 4 official languages spoken by those people from Singapore.

Also, you will find that this language has now become one of the six official languages used by the United Nations.

Another standard language that is spoken by Hong Kong and Macau, which are also part of China, is Standard Cantonese.

Chinese Dialects & Simplified Chinese

There are many Chinese dialects are still widely used today, almost in every region of China. However, the Chinese use a standard formal written language simplified Chinese and most of them can speak Mandarin.

However, things changed when the education system in China was based on Standard Mandarin, and was to be used as the language for carrying out instructions. Today, nearly every person in mainland China speaks Mandarin.

Outside China

Today, there are quite a number of schools across the US, and across the rest of the world. Back in 1991 there were only 2,000 people taking China’s official Chinese language proficiency test, and this figure had risen to 117,660 by 2005. In fact, the Ministry of Education in China believes that there are over 30 million people around the world who are learning Mandarin.


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