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35. In The Restaurant

August 2nd, 2009 - by Huang Jason

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1. What would you like to eat?   什么   nǐ | xiǎng | chī | diǎn | shén mē ?
2. Are you ready to order?   要点   nǐ | yào diǎn | cài | le;liǎo;liào | ma ?
3. I\’d like some steak and bread.   牛排 面包   wǒ | yào;yāo | niú pái | hé | miàn bāo 。
4. What would you like for dessert?   什么   nǐ | yào;yāo | shén mē | tián | diǎn ?
5. I\’ll have some ice cream.   冰淇淋   wǒ | yào;yāo | bīng qí lín 。
6. Do you want some fruit?   水果   nǐ | yào;yāo | shuǐ guǒ | ma ?
7. Yes, please. I want an apple.   是的 一个 苹果   shì de , wǒ | yào;yāo | yī gè | píng guǒ 。
8. Anything to drink?   什么   hē | diǎn | shén mē ?
9. A small glass of whisky, please.   请来 小杯 威士忌   qǐng lái | yī | xiǎo bēi | wēi shì jì 。
10. Here is your food.   你的   nǐ de | cài | lái | le;liǎo;liào 。
11. Bring me the bill please.     qǐng | mǎi | dān;chán 。
12. Can I pay by check or credit card?   支票 信用卡   wǒ | néng | yòng | zhī piào | huò | xìn yòng kǎ | ma ?
13. Sorry, we only take cash.   对不起我们 现金   duì bù qǐ , wǒ men | zhī;zhǐ | shōu | xiàn jīn 。
14. Here you are.     gěi | nǐ 。
15. Here is your change.     zhǎo | nín | de;dì;dí | qián 。

Note: To get the definition, put the cursor on the Chinese word.

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2 Responses to “35. In The Restaurant”

  1. Des says:

    Hi, great lessons. Just a query on number 12. Given that this is a question requiring the listener to respond with a choice between the two options in reply, is the use of “huo” correct. I would have thought this sentence required the use of “haishi” in this situation rather than “huo”.
    The use of “Huo” / “Huozhe” ,I understood applies when there is a statement that does not invite a choice. For example “I will pay by check or credit card.” would use “huo”.
    Just trying to struggle through my grammar so your expert opinion would help.

  2. Huang Jason says:

    Hi, Des, No.12, ‘neng’ and ‘ma’ make it a interrogative sentence. If you use ‘haishi’ instead, it will conflict with ‘ma’, they both express questioning. You should use only one of them.

    我 用 支票 还是 信用卡?
    我 能 用 支票 或 信用卡 吗?

    These two are the same.

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