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Chinese English Dictionary Online.

The best dictionary for Chinese-English with a million vocabulary entries. Search for English words, Chinese pinyin, Chinese characters, Chinese words. For example:
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Dictionary Features:
  • Automatically provide images search result if Chinese not supported in your system.
  • Support searches of English words, Chinese pinyin, input, phoneme, words and characters.
  • Show relative words and sentences in both Chinese and English.
  • Search different styles of Chinese writing / calligraphy
  • Native speaker's sound
  • Custom Chinese flash card creator, print flash cards to paper.
  • A million vocabulary entries

Free Chinese English Translation

Chinese Symbols, Tattoos & Designs

Learn Chinese Online - Free Lessons

Free lessons, articles, materials, techniques for learning Chinese language on speaking, listening, reading and writing. All free!

Techniques and knowledge of Chinese pronunciation, Chinese pinyin. Skills to improve your pronunciation. (mouse-click to play the sounds in mp3)

Introduce the commonly used radicals of Chinese characters, and their meanings. Help you to remember the structure, pronunciation and meanings of Chinese characters..

Articles on how to learn Chinese, How to use Chinese...

Reading materials in Pinyin, Chinese and English. (Or mouse-over dictionary) Help you to learn Chinese characters.

Chinese Tools and Converters

Automatically create images for Chinese Text. It can convert Chinese articles, sentences, words and characters to images at your selected font, color and styles.

Converter Chinese text into Chinese pinyin letters with 2 options:

  • Lines:  Show pinyin over the characters in the upper line.
  • All:       Replace the Chinese characters with pinyin.

Split an article by Chinese words and characters.

Add mouse-over dictionary on Chinese text with the pinyin & definition of the Chinese words

Add annotation for a Chinese article.

Convert between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

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